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Spoken Mystery Course is based on Words and Statement Analysis. The course requires Intensive 12 hours of training from a Spoken Mystery Trainer. Enroll for the course if you wish to gain this Amazing tool of how to analyze words and statements in such a short span of time.

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Every word and every statement spoken reveals the attitude of the speaker. At Spoken Mystery, you learn to analyze words and statements. Enroll yourself for Words & Statement Analysis Course of Spoken Mystery to learn the secrets behind spoken words and statements.

At Spoken Mystery, we teach you various techniques to reveal the real meaning and the true intentions of the speaker. Someone told you and you just believed it is just not possible in today's world. People around you are not always truthful. Humans know how to play with words. Humans can create stories to hide the truth and the reality. This is the time when the knowledge provided to you by Spoken Mystery will be the right tool to reveal the truth.